A celebration of the Wild Legends of the lobster industry.

There is a place Where legends grow wild in the depths of the ocean.

A place where legends brave the wild.

Let’s celebrate the Wild Legends of the lobster industry.

Thanks to the legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Wild Legend Lobster

Wild caught, Southern Rock Lobster is a rare and sought after delicacy. Famous the world over for its dramatic appearance and sweet, succulent flesh. Yet found only in the remote oceans surrounding New Zealand and Australia. Wild Legend is proud to bring this exceptional lobster to you.

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Legendary lobster. Exceptional care.

Wild Legend is proud to be a world leading provider of live and frozen lobster (also known locally as crayfish) thanks to our exceptional commitment to quality. We work within a strict national fishing Quota Management System that protects our unique marine ecosystems and maintains wild stocks for future generations.

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No. 1 Largest specialist supplier of Southern Rock Lobster.

30 years exporting live lobster, since founded in Fiordland, New Zealand.

100% sustainably, wild caught around New Zealand and Australia.