How we fish

All of our lobsters are captured in the wild from remote, clean waters, which are part of protected coastal ecosystems.

Our lobsters are held live in a controlled saltwater environment until they’re export packed or cooked.

The lobsters are transported by helicopter or company refrigerated vehicles from remote landing points to dedicated tanking facilities.

Our aim is to be as legendary as our lobster - to be the most progressive and innovative lobster company on the planet.

The fishers day

Our fishers operate in some of the most remote coastal fisheries in the world around New Zealand and Southern Australia. It’s a dramatic, often awe inspiring place to go to work in every day. Mountains rising straight from the sea. Rugged bush clad coastlines staining lagoons with tannins, giving onto hidden bays and beaches, discreet inlets promising a wilderness unmatched and largely unexplored to any great degree.
Such places evoke a clear sense of stewardship, of real responsibility in the fishermen that ply these waters, hauling pots, ensuring best practice and quality control with practiced efficiency, keeping the record, noting the sea state, the tide, the weather, keeping a tidy deck on the run to the next string of pots. There might be two on a boat. Generally no more than three, some of them second, even third generation.
The work starts in darkness a while before dawn and it ends when it ends, with bins full of lobster.

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