How to spot a Southern Rock Lobster

The Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii) can be identified by its distinctively deep red outer shell and bright orange legs, which help to give it a most dramatic appearance.

Southern Rock Lobster belongs to the Palinuridae family of spiny rock lobsters, which do not have large prominent claws. This species Jasus edwardsii is found only in the rocky coastline around New Zealand, the Chatham Islands and the southern coast of Australia.

The secret behind our delicious lobster meat lies in the environment in which the Southern Rock Lobster lives. Found only in the pristine ocean waters of New Zealand and Southern Australia, the Southern Rock Lobster thrives in a nutrient-dense, rough, and wild environment. These conditions create the perfect habitat for the lobster to grow and develop its delicious flavor.

  • Deep red outer shell and bright orange legs
  • Does not have large prominent claw
  • Has a rugged body
  • Only found around New Zealand, the Chatham Islands and the southern coast of Australia

The Southern Rock Lobsters habitat

Southern Rock Lobsters are found in the cool coastal waters of New Zealand and Southern Australia. They inhabit areas at depths ranging from 1 meter to 200 meters, including rocky reefs, kelp beds, and seagrass meadows.

These lobsters are an important part of the marine ecosystem and play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of their habitat. As such, it is essential to preserve the natural environment in which they live to ensure the continued survival of the species.


Wild Legend, has a conservation ethic that emphasizes the importance of protecting the natural environment. They are committed to being responsible stewards of the ecosystems in which they operate, ensuring that their practices have a minimal impact on the environment and that they contribute to the preservation of these habitats.

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Where our lobsters come from

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Fiordland Lobster Company is dedicated to the sustainable fishing and live export of wild-caught southern rock lobsters. Started by fishers in New Zealand’s breathtakingly beautiful Fiordland National Park in the 1980s, the company has grown to become the largest supplier of the most prized lobster in the world.

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Southern Australia

SALCO was established in South Australia in 2010, in partnership with local fishermen. It has spread into the neighboring States of Victoria and Tasmania, to cover all Australian Southern Rock Lobster fisheries.

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