One of the most significant exporters of live Southern Rock Lobster from Australia, The South Australian Lobster Company (SALCO) was established in South Australia in 2010, in partnership with local fishermen. Today, this successful business has expanded into the neighbouring states of Victoria and Tasmania, to cover all of Australia’s Southern Rock Lobster fisheries.

Established in Australia in 2010 with a group of local fishermen.

Australia’s largest Southern Rock Lobster (crayfish) specialist.

Exporting live lobsters from right across South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

Where the local legend was born

Preserving the natural environment is crucial for the survival of species such as lobsters, which play an important role in maintaining the balance of their marine ecosystem. SALCO is committed to being responsible stewards of the ecosystems we operate in, and uphold a conservation ethic that emphasizes the significance of protecting the environment. SALCO ensure that their practices have minimal impact on the ecosystem and contribute to the preservation of these habitats.

Core products

Live lobster

Wild caught from remote waters, handled with care, and delivered live and strong to international markets.

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Cooked lobster

Ready to eat…the hard work taken care of professionally so that you can enjoy one of the world's finest delicacies at your own table. (Contact us to stock Wild Legend in your store.)

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Where we fish

Our network of landing depots, strategically located around the coastlines of Australia, are equipped to support regional fishing fleets. Here, our experienced staff receive and carefully swim lobsters until they are ready to be transported.

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