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Live lobster

Wild caught by independent fishers, handled with care at all stages, flown to international markets, served in high end seafood restaurants.

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Frozen cooked lobster

Ready to serve… cooked, ice-cooled and snap frozen so you can enjoy one of the world’s finest delicacies at your table. (Contact us to stock Wild Legend in your store.)

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Wild Legend of the southern seas.

The Southern Rock Lobster (known locally as crayfish), Jasus edwardsii, is found only in the remote oceans of New Zealand and Southern Australia. It’s in these pristine marine ecosystems that the lobsters grow slowly with a sweet and delicate flesh. They cannot be farmed: our legendary fishermen voyage rough seas to find the remote hiding spots of the wild lobsters, and return with perfect Wild Legends.

Lobster “potting” is low impact and sustainably managed by regulation. The map shows Wild Legend collection points.


No. 1 Largest specialist supplier of Southern Rock Lobster.

30 years exporting live lobster, since founded in Fiordland, New Zealand.

100% sustainably, wild caught around New Zealand and Australia, under a quota Management System.

Legendary lobster. Exceptional care.

Wild Legend is proud to be a world leading provider of live and frozen lobster (also known locally as crayfish) thanks to our exceptional commitment to quality. We work within a strict national fishing Quota Management System that protects our unique marine ecosystems and maintains wild stocks for future generations.

All of our lobsters are captured in the wild from remote, clean waters, which are part of protected coastal ecosystems.

The lobsters are transported in specially designed refrigerated vehicles from remote landing points to dedicated tanking facilities.

Our lobsters are held live in a controlled saltwater environment until they’re export packed or cooked.

Our vision is to be as legendary as our lobster - to be the most progressive and innovative lobster company on the planet.

Wild Legend southern rock lobsters have pride of place on banquet tables around the world.

Served in so many ways around the world from sashimi in Shanghai, lobster mornay in Melbourne, to flame grilled in Auckland –  you’ll find that however a Wild Legend lobster is plated, it will wow dinner guests with an indulgent experience they won’t forget.

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Head Office New Zealand
17 Caswell Road, PO Box 92, Te Anau 9640
Southland, New Zealand.


Head Office Australia
188 Plenty Rd, Preston VIC 3072

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